Thoughtful & original little gifts

My mom always used to buy me "something little" but so thoughtful that it would bring tears into my eyes. (Such as small pin with little girl looking just like me, attached to nice card with very loving note).

Thoughtful and original gift ideas grown to my heart and now it is our family tradition. Generally those little things become the most favourite and valuable gifts.

Few years ago, when I discovered polymer clay I fallen in love with it immediately. I was amazed what my hands can do with it. I was creating cute, original and funny gifts for friends and family for a years, when I finally decided to open my handmade store. 

Every single polymer clay product which you find in my store is handmade just with my hands without using any pre-made moulds. This means that every piece is unique and original with its own character and there can be slight variations in between individual pieces. Once those little creations are formed, I bake them in the oven until harden and then attach to earring, necklace, wine charm, magnet or paperclip. 

I take extra care about packaging, which is also designed and handmade by me. All of my products are attached to little cards with MichaelaCraft logo and note with our slogan: "There is no one like you!".

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